Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i love you *GAG*

I miss kind of miss those sayings that you can't use anymore because they're considered corny, or you know, disrespectful. But really I think the only reason you can't use these sayings anymore is because they've been over used, because they are so effective, or should be. Maybe it doesn't seem like that now, because everybody knows them and they are believed to be so unbelievably corny. But, if you had never heard a pick up line or a stereo dumping line before and some one used one on you, it would catch you by surprise, and you would consider the person who said it a poet.
And yea, I know girls are suppose to love the soppy stuff. But it makes me want to vom.
Ok... maybe I'm a hypocrite. But whatever, who isn't these days?

"That's so sweet you made me throw up."

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