Tuesday, June 22, 2010

To Melbourne and Beyond!

So I'm going to Melbourne tomorrow and I am really excited! I'm going to visit some family down there and for most of that time I am staying on a farm in Camperdown which is south west of Melbourne(if anyone cares) but yea! So I won't be around, my apologies to my many MANY followers. So here is my favourite ad for Melbourne tourism! I think it's really cute and I LOVE the song.

Oh and on that note, I am so excited to see Toy Story 3!! Here is a little preview!

Love Johanna

Happy Days!!!

HELLO! I am so happy to see you! When was the last time you felt REALLY good? I hope it's now! Because if it is now that you feel really good then we share that good feeling and isn't that a good feeling?

I've decided to post some photos today just because I like them and I am in a good moooood! I hope these pictures make you smile or something because I have a lot here today so there's a lot to work through for you! There's bound to be one that you like!

Love Johanna

Monday, June 21, 2010

"Wow" Pancakes

Just a really random blog entry! I am quite fond of a few well made pancakes, and I'm sure a lot of other people are too! So I found these really spantabulously made pancakes and they made me wow so I thought I would share it!
I hope they make you hungry!
(If something is in there twice it's because I love it so much not because it's a mistake that I can't be bothered to fix...sort of)

Love Johanna

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I found this little English fellow on youtube a while back when I was home "sick" from school and I cannot stop watching his videos! He is so gorgeous! And he writes really cute songs. Here's two, I belive the second one is about me, being the person out there for him that isn't a women yet :D

Love Johanna

An Education Quote

I watched this movie today called "An Education" and it was amazing! I loved it, and I loved the main actress, my new idol.
There was one scene in it with a quote that I loved.
It went something like...
Acting is character, so basicaly if you never did anything, you weren't anybody.
I want to do things. I want to be somebody. Is it so crazy to feel that way? I don't want to be that school girl who gave up her dreams and settled for some boring job or marage. I want to BE somebody, and that doesn't mean I need to be famouse. It just means I want to leave an impression on the world. Leave something behind that I will be recognised for, no matter how small. I want some one to see something and say my name, say that I had something to do with it.

Is it so crazy to feel that way? I'm not even sure if I care if it's crazy to feel that way anymore. I am going to try.

So here's the scene, I hope you like it. And see the movie it's great, it really made me think.

Love Johanna


Holidays! I am so excited! My school has just finished it's first semester and I am free for 3 whole weeks! 3 fun filled weeks!

So a little bit of news today... I use to have another blog with my best friend but i have decided to stop that one and make a space of my own. It's not that I have a problem with her, not at all, it's just that she uses it more than I do and I decided that she could have that space for her and I could have this for mine. It wasn't like we used it together, we used it separately and seeing as she uses that one more than me I didn't think it was wrong to give that one to her and make my own. So it seems that I have no followers at the moment but I am making an effort to change that... sort of. Here are some pretty photos I found and adored, I hope you do too.

Love Johanna