Sunday, October 3, 2010


It's been about six weeks since I've been at school (due to being sick and then holidays) and funnily enough I am not looking forward to going back; in fact instead of just being pissed off that my time off is over, I'm just extremely nervous. I'm going to have to catch up on weeks of work and gossip that I've missed, which is going to make school even worse than it was before I took my long break, to be honest I am freaking out just thinking about it. But looking at it from the glass half full perspective, there is only one short term left until I am in year eleven and on the down stretch to the end of school. I can't wait to call my self a senior, to have a blazer and wear a white shirt (which don't show sweat patches which is a bonus!). Most of all I just want to be out of those grades where everybody hates you because they think you're immature. I hate it how at school you're put into categories, everybody is the same and it's so hard to be your own person and get noticed for it.

Anyway I just realised I'm rambling, so I hope you've had a wonderful holiday and I wish you a happy first day of school!

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