Wednesday, December 22, 2010

happy christmas

As I am flying off to Sydney at 7:00am tomorrow morning and will not be able to post anything for a few days, I would just like to wish you a very merry Christmas.
No matter what you're all doing, whether your spending time with family, chilling by yourself, partying, just having a small get together or all of the above, I'm sure you'll all find the merry Christmas spirit to keep you happy all day long.

And here's a poem cause I felt like being a little corny:
Be My Christmas Gift

If you sat beneath the Christmas tree,
You’d sure add to the d├ęcor,
But even if you were gift wrapped, dear,
I couldn't love you more.
You have to know that if I had you,
I’d have the gift I’d most adore,
Better than any expensive gift
I could purchase in a store.
If you hug me tight, you wonderful thing,
And be my Christmas gift,
You’ll brighten my days forevermore
And give my heart a lift.

Well I hope you get lots of wonderful pressies and enjoy a large filling Christmas feast.

Happy Christmas to you all and to all goodnight!

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